Saturday, 1 August 2009

£5.7 million every year - all from Plymouth Taxpayer's wallets!

According to Plymouth City Council Social Worker 'D', who spoke to one of our reporters on the 21st May 2008, there were as of that date 374 of YOUR children in the 'care of' Plymouth Social Services.

In this blog we abbreviate their name to 'Plymouth SS' and the tactics they use to take children from home – often where there is no actual proof that the children are suffering abuse – is quite reminiscent of certain well-known and brutal regimes from the past.

Nonetheless each one of these children in care attracts a foster allowance of around £300/week. This adds up to a massive £5.7 million every year - all from Plymouth Taxpayer's wallets!

No wonder we have a budget crisis!

From a purely financial viewpoint this is a staggering waste of money. However some people hold the view that something far more sinister is afoot, namely, the social re-engineering of society to bring about a submissive and subordinated 'slave' race who's sole job is to service the needs of the elite.

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