Saturday, 1 August 2009

Young Single Mum - Will the SS snatch her baby?

This blog is aware of a young single mum - we'll refer to her as 'C' - who is under the surveillance of Plymouth Social Services.

Here only crimes are 1) disagreeing with the doctors over something which was not a life and death situation 2) leaving her baby unattended for half an hour because she had to attend an emergency nearby 3) living in a run down and dirty flat - she has since moved - and 4) to quote Social Services themselves, "spending too much time in the library" - maybe she wants to better herself through learning... gosh what a terrible thought!

For these crimes against children she was reported to the SS by a nuisance neighbour and now, guess what? She's in grave danger of losing the child 'Z'.

Upon hearing of her plight a few months ago personnel attached to this blog made urgent arrangements to move mother and baby to a safe haven in another part of the country to prevent the SS from snatching the child.

However, in the end she thought she'd face the music and risked returning to Plymouth. Since then she has navigated the awkward line of partly accepting Social Services 'support' and partly making her own decisions.

How long this will continue is uncertain but, were it not for the debacle of the real child abuse going on at the Social Services Approved Little Ted's Nursery, and the inevitable drain on the Local Authority, not to mention the embarrassment that one of their own approved establishments was a haven for abuse, they would probably have taken Z into 'care' already.

C will just have to hope that the massive damage-limitation exercise presently underway in Plymouth is sufficient to distract the authority from innocent little single mums for a while.

The public need to know that, in the crazy world of the Family Court, a mum can lose her child for up to nine months on the basis of mere suspicion. All the state has to prove is "reasonable grounds to believe" a "risk of significant harm" - that's what the law says.

Be Wise People!


  1. what is wrong with you???? leaving her child just for half an hour? u do realise a child can become traunatized by their crying being ignored for over 20mins, which is why an expert will tell you pick that child up after 20mins of crying... that and the risk of something going wrong, if the child is old enough to walk or crawl, even in a cot can break a leg, or swallow something and choke or so on. i only hope she did leave the child in the cot, because to wonder freely, would be even more dangers.

    oh nd by the way why couldnt the lazy woman clean her flat, so what if she doesnt own it, she should have the self respect to live in a clean home... and if her child was under a year and not crawling, then a clean flat is vital to their health. diarrea and vomiting from viruss can lead to severe dehydration and in a small baby that would lead to hospilization and even worse death.

    oh and also i am a single mum. i have a child and i am studying towards my future, i dont have social services involved, but im sure they would never tell me i spend too much time in the library, as i put my child first, even when im focusing on bettering myself, because he is the most important thing in my life. i take him to parks, friends, walks. i read to him, i sit and play with him and his toys, teach him things, feed him, bathehim, try to keep to his routine and so on... that is effective parenting, it all takes time, i dont have hours to waste in the library. if only i could have more time in the library, but quite frankly im not that selfish.

    this is a ridiculous blog and if you really are a father you really need your head sorted out!
    that woman should never leave her child unattended, should provide a clean home, and stop being so self absorbed.

    1. U are being very judgmental here it is probably not a good idia to leave baby for even a short time in an emergency it is no reason to take a child away from its mothers love, this womans true mistake was probably disagreeing with a docter its the worst thing you can do almost certainly you will be shopped to social services on a falsle allegation of abuse muchousens (silence the truth)by proxy or child neglet u may even be invited to medical apointments and offerd tests you didn't ask for, ur child will not be examined properly,medical samples you hand in may go missing all before you are reported for mental illness ect I am a loving good mum mykids at risk of genine abuse and psychiatric damage by removal from a loving safe home all because I complained about child abuse in a scottish nursery and dared to expose the corrupt educational psychologist covering for the paedophiles working in the nursery, this is central scottland, my local authority and nhs have come down on me like a ton of bricks lucky didn't go for their set up psych test so still got my kids safe with me for now

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